I was a Sr. Art Director at Fallon McElligot Berlin for BMW [as] part of an effort to better establish BMW as a motorcycle brand in the US market. We loved Chip's book ...black and white was an interesting sell because BMW had just come out with a series of new models with beautiful new colors...in the end they understood that they needed to communicate the feeling of what it is like to ride...artful black and white seemed to capture that... exactly.

On the shoot Chip was remarkably adaptable and came equipped so that he could do most anything we wanted to try.


I believe that one of the greatest skills a creative director can cultivate is the ability to realize when you are not the most talented guy in the room. After working with Chip many times I realized that I needed to adjust my typical process for the projects we would work on together. Rather than arrive at the shoot with a firm idea of what the final image should be I now show up and keep my mouth shut. Invariably, the final image that Chip creates is so much more than what I had in my mind’s eye.

GERRY PASQUALETTI CD, HSR Business to Business

HSR Business to Business LLC helps industry leaders build and defend premium brands in rapidly commoditizing business markets. The assignment was to photograph the Eclipse 500 jet, the first very light jet in this category. We had four days to capture 12 interior and exterior shots.. for the Eclipse corporate brochure....[Chip's] direct mailer, a beautiful, over-sized black-and-white print of industrial pipes titled "Pipes at Sea." I immediately thought to myself, "If this guy can make pipes and oil rigs look this good, I can't imagine what he can do with a jet."I shared the print and my instincts about Chip with my executive creative director and the client, and they both agreed that Chip would be a perfect fit. It was a pleasure working with Chip. He also worked well under pressure. ...we wanted to have a half day for setup and shooting, because that shot would set the standard for the other photos. Unfortunately, due to the Eclipse 500 jet-flight tests, we were given permission for use of the jet for only 15 minutes. While I started to panic internally, Chip jumped right into action. He pulled out a compass, proceeded to look up to see the direction of the sun and quickly directed the engineer to park the jet exactly where Chip instructed. Once the jet was in position, Chip instructed his assistant to grab an assembly-line ladder, took his camera, climbed up and snapped several shots. Before Chip even finished stepping down from the ladder, the jet was on its way back to the hangar. He approached me with a confident smile and said, "We got the shot." At that moment, I knew he was a natural. He is not only one of the best photographers I know, but he also listens to what you have to say and is always willing to suggest ways to improve the final results.

KATHY FABLE CEO, Quinn Fable Advertising

Chip Forelli has been one of our lead photographers over the past decade. He delivers incredible work, time after time — even under extreme pressure.

JULIE KINZELMAN CEO, Kinzelman Art Consulting

Our services were recommended by an architectural firm who had renovated the Plains Exploration and Production (PXP) space. We suggested the concept of having a photographer document the company's industry through a unique and artful approach. I served as the curator and director of the photo shoot and complete layout of the space. I met Chip in a formal review process of his work at Fotofest and the beauty, formality and measured confidence of his work set him apart from the many other artists I met with that week. Chip has tremendous experience, patience and insight that allows him to approach each project with great clarity. He was wonderful to collaborate with and gave me a strong sense of confidence in his abilities so that I was able to let him respond to each environmental need without my direction. Chip's thoughtful and purposeful approach to his subject is a reflection of Chip's success as an artist. His work speaks for itself.