Photo Restoration

Do you have old faded, ripped, scratched, marred by spills, prints and/or negatives of family, friends, beloved pets, etc...? Those negatives and prints will fade but your memories shouldn't - having them restored will bring your memories back to life. Once scanned, retouched and restored, an archival print can be made in various sizes - that print will last generations using acid free paper and archival inks, as well as  proper mounting materials if a matted print is desired. Framing is also available.

Woman with Rifle Combined.jpg

Dora Miller, Hunter Extraordinaire

In this severely damaged and faded photograph, Dora is showing off her record breaking turkey. She was the subject of a 1920 article in Game News. Shards of glass in the lower right corner stuck to the print surface after the frame and glass broke and could not be removed because the print emulsion would have lifted off with the glass.

Bob's Grandad Combined.jpg

World War 1 Soldier

This severely stained and damaged print was carefully and methodically restored by copying unstained parts of the image into damaged ares as in the sky and ground. Adjustments to color, brightness and contrast were made after all the physical repairs were made to the image. It was very satisfying to restore the glory to this decorated soldier.

Helene Combined.jpg

Catherine Scavo Mancuso Engagement Photo

Folding a print is obviously destined to ruin a beautiful print - I'm not sure why someone would do that! The challenge here was restoring the lips where the crack ran right across. There was barely enough information to copy from, but by carefully and slowly working at it I was able to achieve the desired result.

Man Combined.jpg

Sineus Edwards / (1812-1896/97) captain of the sloop, Florian

This drawing is part of the Long Island Collection which contains photographs, drawings and artifacts that that chronicle life on Long Island from the seventeenth century to the present day. After I restored the image, the curator of the collection said that she is happy that now some of the most severely damaged items in the collection will now be able to be shared with the local community on eastern Long Island and around the world.

ER Combined.jpg

Horse Drawn Cousins

Improper darkroom processing will cause a print to fade. If it is caught on time, with enough density and detail left it can often be salvaged.

Orientalist Combined.jpg

Algeria / Early 1900's

Tape is a photo's worst enemy. Damaging acidic tape and the remaining residue permanently stains a photographic print. Other non archival mounting materials such as corrugated cardboard, colored mat boards, masking and magic transparent tape will all damage a print over time.

Couple Combined.jpg

Bride & Groom

Sometimes missing pieces of a photograph can be added by copying from other parts of the image. An example of this is my copying part of the groom's legs, positioning that part where the legs were missing and then resizing, rotating, adjusting shape, tone, contrast and color. Since there was no shoulder in the image to copy from to replace the missing shoulder, I had to copy a shoulder from another photograph and adjust as I did for the piece for the legs.